KFC Open & Closing Hours: Regular, Sundays & Holidays

KFC is one of the tastiest places to eat, full of delicious menu items like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, predicting their opening and closing times can be tricky if you know nothing about the place. There is nothing more disappointing than arriving at a store to realize it’s closed. What are the opening and closing hours for KFC?

KFC usually opens between 10 and 10:30, though some locations tend to open later than others. At night, the lobby is open until about 10 P.M. The drive-thru is open a little later until 1-2 A.M. Hours may vary based on holidays and store issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about the KFC opening and closing hours, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about their holiday hours, what the store looks like on a Sunday, and anything else you need to understand about the restaurant. The more you know, the better you can avoid driving to a closed restaurant.

KFC Holiday Hours

The holidays are one of the trickiest times to predict restaurants. Some of them are open on holidays like Christmas, while others make it their mission to be closed on those days. What do the holidays look like at KFC? Can you eat fried chicken or should you make something at home instead?

Here are a few of the standard holiday hours for KFC:

  • New Year’s Day: Regular Hours
  • Easter: Regular Hours
  • Thanksgiving: Regular Hours
  • Christmas Eve: Regular Hours
  • Christmas: Closed

You can anticipate these hours at most KFC locations.

Unless it’s Christmas day, the KFC in your area is likely open. It’s a spot that takes advantage of business on all holidays, unlike other fast food options across the country. 

Another spot where restaurants tend to differ is on Sunday. Are the hours the same on Sunday, or are they different from the rest of the week?

KFC Hours on Sunday

Most KFC locations have extended hours on Friday and Saturday when people are more likely to be out partying and staying up late. Although Sunday tends to close an hour earlier, it’s no different from the other days. Sunday hours for KFC aren’t different from the standard hours.

The opening hours are also not different for KFC. Most locations open at about 10 in the morning, just in time to serve a late breakfast or lunch to interested parties. If you find yourself craving KFC on a Sunday, feel free to head to a location to pick yourself up a delicious meal.

Now that we’ve gone over the Sunday hours, what can you expect as a typical schedule for KFC? What are the standard KFC hours during the week?

KFC Hours - Open and Closing Time on Holidays

Regular KFC Working Hours

KFC hours are typically the same across the country. No matter where you go, you can expect them to stay within a standard range, ready for customers to move through the drive-thru and ingest their chicken. Let’s go over the typical schedule for a KFC in the country.

Here are the typical hours for a KFC:

  • Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 A.M. – 1 A.M.
  • Friday-Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 2 A.M.

Note that different states and locations can vary by a few hours.

KFC is open for more than twelve hours a day, permitting the maximum number of sales within the opening period. However, it’s critical to remember that not every location operates under the same time constraint. Some of them close sooner, while others open later. Ensure you look up your local KFC hours before you head there in anticipation of a meal.

Many fast food locations offer breakfast. Does KFC offer this type of meal or can you only go there for lunch and dinner?

Does KFC Have Breakfast Hours?

Unfortunately, KFC does not offer breakfast in the United States of America. However, there are locations open during the standard breakfast period. If you are craving fried chicken and mashed potatoes instead of the classic eggs and bacon, you can always head to one of these outlets for a meal before starting your day.

Most of the time, KFC breakfast hours start at about 6:30 in the morning. The breakfast period ends at about 10:30, during which the KFC menu stays the same. These locations tend to close a little earlier than those that open at 10 or 11 in the morning.

Most KFC locations do not offer breakfast, save for rare promotional moments. Has KFC ever done breakfast? Are there any KFC locations that have ever offered this type of meal to customers?

Has KFC Ever Done Breakfast?

The only place where breakfast is available is in Singapore. This location provides plenty of options for the first meal of the day until about 10:45. There is a lot to enjoy if you live in Singapore and want KFC for breakfast.

However, it’s critical to note that KFC occasionally releases breakfast items on a testing and promotional basis. For example, they released the Bacon & Egg Roll in Australia briefly. They also attempted a morning wrap in the United States of America. If you are interested in KFC breakfast, stay updated on new releases to get a taste of a KFC morning.

Final Thoughts

KFC is one of the most popular restaurants out there, especially for those who love fried chicken. They are typically open for more than twelve hours a day, closed only on Christmas. If you want a fried chicken lunch, you can go almost any day of the week without fail.

We hope this information was helpful! There is a lot to consider when picking a place to eat, and understanding a store’s opening and closing times is the first step. Unfortunately, they don’t yet offer breakfast for those who are big fans of the day’s first meal. However, it could be possible to see that in the future.


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